Nov 20, 2010
The London Underground
Stanlie Diaz & Severyn Clain - Dark Fader (Matt Minimal Remix) [Fish Rec]
Stanlie Diaz & Severyn Clain - Gianko (Original Mix) [Fish Rec]

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of UK techno up-and-comers Stanlie Diaz and Severyn Clain. In fact, neither have I! Very little information is available about this duo. This seems to a common theme in the underground world of a dance, in which musical talent doesn’t exactly guarantee a MySpace account.

To put it simply, these guys are good at making fun beats that make you want to dance. Gianko‘s deep tech groove is nicely layered with other percussions in a series of complex of rhythms that create a subtle, yet active effect. Matt Minimal’s remix of their most recent work, Dark Fader, takes the energy to a even higher level than it was before. Every buildup is followed by an eruption of beats worthy of a powerful subwoofer. Check them out, and shoot me a comment if you know anything else about these guys or label Fish Rec (label image above).

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