Mar 09, 2012
Free K Theory
Dada Life - Happy Violence (K Theory Remix)
DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (K Theory & Pillijah Remix)
The M Machine - Promise Me A Rose Garden (K Theory's K Machine Bootleg)

So every once in a while you come upon a producer (or in this case, producers) who makes you ask yourself, “Who the hell are these guys?” K Theory made me ask myself that question. The guys have some seriously insane productions listed on their SoundCloud. You’ll be keen to see an upcoming dubstep remix of Gareth Emery’s Tokyo. Check back soon for a review of that monster, but in the meantime, check out three tracks that they have on their SoundCloud for free download!

First up is a bangin’ moombahton remix of Dada Life’s Happy Violence. After the official remixes were released, I thought it would be hard to top them. Welp, K Theory has dropped a bomb; a sexy, booty-shaking bomb for your unsuspecting ears. But it doesn’t stop there. K-Theory teamed up with Pillijah to turn the now-classic DJ Fresh tune Gold Dust into a teeth-grindingly good d’n’b bootleg. Again, I thought we had heard the last of the great remixes of this song, but K Theory doesn’t seem to care about your expectations. Finally, there’s a dirty bootleg of The M Machine’s Promise Me A Rose Garden. This one is almost too filthy for words, so I’ll just leave the listening to you.

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