Jun 14, 2010
The Island of Drums

Pendulum is back with their third feature album Immersion, and it’s just decent. While they continue to push the limits of their guitar-driven, drum-n-bass-pop sound, they didn’t seem to put too much effort into album’s standard filler tracks. Nevertheless, there are a few gems in this pile of shiny rocks.

If you’re a fan of Hold Your Colour, you’ll be glad that Immersion cuts back slightly on the rock elements that In Silico rode out in favor of a return to the more melodic, electronica-y lines of their first debut album. Racing vocals and heavy drops line every shadow of Immersion‘s watery depths. On top of that, there’s some dubstep, four-to-the-floor beats and some good old Blood Sugar-esque breakbeat chaos. Take a listen to The Island, an epic two-sided banger that’s part electro, part house, and all experimental Pendulum insanity.

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