Jun 01, 2012
The Island Of Dreams
Garry Heaney & Tristan D - Island Of Dreams (Original Mix) [Liquid]

Not all tracks are good for just listening from start to end. But this UK-based collaboration between Scottish producer Garry Heaney and English producer Tristan D doesn’t skimp on the oft-ignored intro and outro. Island Of Dreams could have been a typical trance track—build, break, drop? check—but it manages to sound unique nonetheless.

For once, I’d have to say that my favorite part of Island Of Dreams by far is the first half–a statement not often made about trance tracks. The buildup of tension doesn’t leave any of the intro sounding as if it’s mere mixing filler for DJs. From the funky synths introduced at 0:28 onward to a fantastic glitchy section beginning at 1:25, the production escalates until it drops out to a break that gives a nod to early 2000s trance anthems. The following drop doesn’t fulfill all of the promise of the first half, with a simple melody that sounds low-energy in comparison, but it doesn’t detract enough from the overall effect of the track to be a problem. Someone might have left this track on a deserted island as much as it’s been flying under the radar; it’s a real gem.

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