Dec 14, 2010
The House that SonicC Built
Benny Benassi - House Music (SonicC Remix) [Ultra]

Closing up what has to have been the biggest year of SonicC’s young life is a monstrous remix of house legend Benny Benassi’s latest track, House Music.

Although named after the father genre of EDM, house music, this one falls much closer to the realm of electro house, with a bit of a twist. With incredibly unique form in a genre that is growing harder to innovate in, SonicC injects the wonky electro beats that we’ve come to love from the Miami producer with a strong psy-trance motif. Between the pitch of the synths and the complex use of them I honestly couldn’t help being reminded of Infected Mushroom back in their Vicious Delicious days.

I can’t express how impressed I’ve been with SonicC in his debut year as an artist. With breakout tracks such as Stickin’, the young producer couldn’t have asked for a better start to his career, and with enormous remixes such as his take on House Music he has certainly set himself up well for a promising future.

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