Aug 28, 2010
The House that Electro Built
Bruno Barudi & Victor Ruiz - Smart And Clever (Miles Dyson DJ-Friendly Re-Arrangement) [Plasmapool]
Bruno Barudi - Lifestyle (Original Mix) [EXX]

Although DJ/producer Bruno Barudi has effectively shaken the foundations of clubs and festivals in his home country of Brazil, his prowess has yet to be scene on the worldwide scale. His productions are valued for being not only being clean catchy tunes, but for seamlessly combining so many elements from various electronic genres. Barudi’s remixes have gained the attention of some big names in the industry. Even if Bruno Barudi didn’t have Plasmapool Records on his resume, I would still list him with electro house ballers like Miles Dyson, Electrixx, and Lazy Rich.

Bruno Barudi recently collaborated with fellow Brazillian house star Victor Ruiz for a monster electro track. The result was Smart and Clever, a dancefloor dominating tune with one of the dirtiest electro house riffs I’ve heard all year. The ability to layer a track with such complexity in both style and sound is something that few artists these days are able to pull off; Bruno Barudi is one of them. Smart and Clever really is one of those tracks that makes you say “…What? Whoa.” The basslines are big and the electro melodies are simply out of this world. I personally prefer the Miles Dyson re-arrangement, as it brings a bit more drama to this beast of a song.

The second track I’m posting is Lifestyle which is from Mr. Barudi’s most recent EP, Fucking Music. This song goes a bit further to show the diversity of Barudi’s productions. It lends itself to more of a euro-festival feel, focusing more on the simplicity of a very catchy beat rather than the organized chaos of Smart And Clever. This track has a similar feel to the more electro-based productions of German producer Tocadisco–a name any producer should be proud to be compared to.

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