Dec 18, 2010
The Heaviest Artillery
Excision & Downlink feat Messinian - Heavy Artillery (Original Mix) [EX7]
Excision & Downlink - Reploid (Original Mix) [EX7]

They’ve been on LessThan3 before, and now they’re back with a brand new EP. Canadian dubstep powerhouse Excision has teamed up (again) with fellow Canadian producer Downlink to bring you a simply destructive dubstep release.

I mentioned Reploid in the first post about Excision; back then, it was just an unreleased ID track on Excision’s Shambhala 2010 mix. Now, it’s the b-side to Excision and Downlink’s aforementioned EP Heavy Artillery. As a video game reference, you gotta give it to the duo for making such a grimy track out of it. This track, along with the title track, may represent the pinnacle of intensity in dubstep–I still can’t get all the way through Heavy Artillery in one listen. You’ve been warned.

Excision & Downlink are two of many talented dubheads coming out of Canada. Add in Zeds Dead and Datsik, and you’ve got yourself the new home of absolutely filthy dubstep. With UK dubstep artists moving into more experimental sounds, north is the new way to go for the grimiest wobble.

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