Dec 17, 2011
The Good Phaeleh
Phaeleh feat Soundmouse - The Cold In You (Original Mix) [Afterglo]
Phaeleh feat Soundmouse - Afterglow (Original Mix) [Afterglo]
Phaeleh - In The Twilight (Original Mix) [Afterglo]

To be honest, the first dubstep I got into a few years ago wasn’t exactly underground. But just like any form of art, someone who is truly in love with a type of sound will seek out the most talented artists out there. Meet the UK’s rising author of enchanting grooves and pristine harmony, Matt Preston. Although you may not find bass heads moshing to some of his music, the Bristol-based DJ produces many powerfully deep tracks under the name Phaeleh (pronounced “Fella”). His recent EP, The Cold In You, is an ideal example of dubstep draped in gentle melodies, steady percussion, and intelligent basslines.

Phaeleh likes to work with a singer from Bristol who goes by the name Soundmouse. The pair made the EP’s title track, which features her soft vocals floating above a chill beat well suited for a movie soundtrack. She also sung for Phaeleh’s breakthrough hit last year Afterglow, which reached nearly half a million views on the official YouTube music video alone (see below). Also the name of his label (though differently spelled), Afterglow is certainly one of those “on-repeat” tracks. Finally, I would like to share the the peaceful instrumental In The Twilight. Here, Phaeleh began with acoustic guitar and worked up to a room-filling bassline complemented by a discreet flute.

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