May 14, 2014
The Glitch Mob Storms Los Angeles
Dehousy & Ana Sia - Penpal Ballad
The Glitch Mob - West Coast Rocks (2014 Mix)
The Glitch Mob feat. Aja Volkman - Our Demons [Glass Air]

The Do LaB and GoldenVoice brought The Glitch Mob to Club Nokia May 10 for their first Los Angeles show in years. While they did perform a terrific set at Coachella 2014, this SoCal event was far more intimate and rallied loads of their die-hard fans. This was definitely the show that their LA fans had been waiting for, and they made sure to blow everyone’s mind. (View Gallery Here).

the glitch mob los angeles

A lovely artist by the name Ana Sia was opening for the legendary trio when we arrived. She warmed up the crowd with funky tech house grooves like Jack by Breach. She dipped into trap territory later with tunes like the DMNDZ remix of I’m In It by Kanye West, and her collab with Dehousy called Penpal Ballad.

The Glitch Mob built up the tension before the kickoff of their show with an enormous bass rumble. This is definitely when I first began to take notice of just how powerful the JBL sound system can get at Club Nokia. The crowd erupted with excitement when they finally dropped the curtain on their high-tech setup, fully equipped with brightly lit Ableton midi control panels and several huge drums, and began to play their massive intro track Mind Of A Beast.

the glitch mob the do lab

California love was definitely in the building, so when The Glitch Mob played the 2014 mix of West Coast Rocks, everyone went totally nuts. Most of their set was focused on their recently released album Love Death Immortality and thankfully, the crowd knew the tracks well. They were singing and dancing their hearts out to tunes like Our Demons, Can’t Kill Us, and Becoming Harmonious.

The Glitch Mob saved some of their all-time favorites for the last portion of their set, including the epic tunes We Can Make The World Stop and Warrior Concerto. This was a show for fans both new and old, and they’ll surely never forget it. If you’re located in Europe or the Northeastern US, you can catch them on their remaining tour dates.

the glitch mob family photo

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