Feb 11, 2014
The Glitch Mob Returns With ‘Love Death Immortality’
The Glitch Mob feat. Aja Volkman - Our Demons (Original Mix) [Glass Air]
The Glitch Mob feat. Metal Mother - Becoming Harmonious (Original Mix) [Glass Air]
The Glitch Mob - Skytoucher (Original Mix) [Glass Air]


Fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of The Glitch Mob for a few years now, and the trio finally released their highly anticipated album, Love Death Immortality, today on Glass Air. Over two years in the making, it stands as a welcome reminder of how artists can evolve musically while staying true to their core.

Far more aggressive than their previous work, The Glitch Mob’s new LP definitely represents a big leap forward in their music careers. Whereas their last record, Drink The Sea, was designed more for relaxed, easy listening, their new record definitely ramps up the energy with productions like Mind Of A Beast. From beginning to end, the fresh release is full of banging basslines and synth-laden peaks–you can tell that they kept the idea of touring before massive crowds in mind during production.

Its first vocal tune, Our Demons featuring Aja Volkman, is a prime example of their shift forward in sound. It charges with momentum, has a chilling breakdown, and its stomping beats are sure to get dancefloors moving. This jam is destined to be an anthem during The Glitch Mob’s much anticpated 2014 tour, which includes a stop at Coachella.

However, that’s not to say they have done away with their signature style. Their new music still carries the emotive sound of The Glitch Mob. Becoming Harmonious featuring Metal Mother is particularly beautiful. The beats may hit hard, but it offers a haunting breakdown full of sentimental melodies that pierce deep into your soul. This track is sure to give many fans goosebumps.

Love Death Immortality also offers more variety in tempo. The release employs four-to-the-floor beats in several tracks like I Need My Memory Back. This one is particularly catchy, and is also voiced by Aja Volkman. Skytoucher is sure to be a crowd favorite with its long and steady build, epic climax, and tempo that approaches drum & bass speeds. Look for this to be their encore track. For a refreshing reboot of The Glitch Mob, pick up Love Death Immortality today on iTunes.

As a bonus, the tracks on the LP will also be accompanied by professionally created visuals. See the video below that the renowned producer Beeple made for the album’s first single, Can’t Kill Us.

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