May 06, 2011
The Girls Get New Guns
Metric - Gold, Guns, Girls (NiT GriT & Stephan Jacobs Remix)
NiT GriT & Stephan Jacobs & NastyNasty - Walk On Out (Clip)

LessThan3 favorite NiT GriT (pictured) is relentless, releasing hit after hit with his own signature twist on dubstep and its related genres. This time he brings us a refreshing new take on Metric’s Gold, Guns, Girls–an instant classic worth checking out if you are unfamiliar with it. A collaboration with his “homie” Stephan Jacobs, this remix is a drum’n’bassy, dubsteppy, glitchy mesh of genres that maintains the high quality standards we’ve come to expect. Jacobs’ influences definitely set this track apart from some of NiT GriT’s original work and the beautiful blend certainly complements his library of tracks to date. Check out Jacobs’ killer remix of Ellie Goulding’s Under the Sheets in the YouTube video below to get a better sense of how this track came to be.

Metric’s tracks tend to have killer vocals and Gold, Guns, Girls just nails it with a ridiculously catchy chorus. NiT GriT and Stephan Jacobs obviously respect that, as evidenced by their careful preservation of the vocals. In fact, the entire track is built strategically with them as the focus, and consequently we’re left with a really intelligently arranged piece of music that just flat out makes sense. So many different musical styles are mashed together with the vocal samples and each one sounds really polished. The drum’n’bass breakdown almost dead-center in the track is also stellar, showcasing the excellent ebb and flow of energy as the song crosses borders between genres effortlessly.

We’ve also got the privilege of hitting you guys up with an exclusive preview of a new track called Walk On Out that’s in the works with NastyNasty and Stephan Jacobs (again–yes!). I will spare no more words preparing you for what your ears are about to encounter, since it’d all be useless anyway. This is going to be a crowd destroyer and a half.

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