Aug 19, 2012
The Gaslamp Killer's Horror Story
The Gaslamp Killer feat Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Flange Face (Original Mix) [Brainfeeder]
The Gaslamp Killer feat Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Flange Face (Low End Theory Edit) [Brainfeeder]
The Gaslamp Killer feat Dimlite - Seven Years Of Bad Luck For Fun (Original Mix) [Brainfeeder]

Today’s latest entry into the world that is indie beats brings us to comic horror, as Los Angeles’ Gaslamp Killer drops a frightfully good EP in anticipation of his upcoming full-length. The Flange Face EP is full of ghostly beats and undead frequencies. I would suggest that the cautious listener take a breath before diving in, because it’s a bit intense for those not into experimental music. On the other hand, if you’re a beat head like me, then this one is right up your alley.

Flange Face sounds like the soundtrack to an electronic graveyard for dead DJs. From the very beginning, the creeping of the drum samples and the ominous buildup create an atmosphere of panic; twisted buzzings and haunting synth lines drive you to verge of insanity, yet you enjoy every second of it. The Low End Theory edit breaks things down to a beat more danceable, but not less gruesome. Seven Years Of Bad Luck For Fun shows GLK really flexing his experimental guns with this one. The minimal piano sets the mood for the track, with intermittent screeches making it sound like it belongs in a horror movie trailer. But that’s just GLK’s swag–he does it for the listening experience as much as it is for the beats.

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