Feb 14, 2011
The Game Changers
Norin & Rad vs Recurve - The Gift (Original Mix) [Air Up There]
Norin & Rad - Always A New Day (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]

Emerging from all of the cross-genre pollination, electro trance is laying the smackdown in the competition for brutal beats. From the latest release off the American label Air Up There launched by Tritonal last year, comes the monster banger The Gift by Recurve and Bruce Karlsson & Nick Sember, aka Norin & Rad. This track is emphatically underlining the potential for this style of trance. With a catchy progressive beat and an angry bassline, The Gift freshens up that filthy, dark electro sound we’ve all come to know and love.

Next up by the duo is Always A New Day, a track that bangs so hard, “epic” is the only way to describe it. Released on the Markus Schulz label Coldharbour Recordings as well as Armada, the highlight of this monster is the massive breakdown preceding an apocalyptic build of mass destruction.

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