Feb 15, 2011
The Future of Cosmic Gate
Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space (Back 2 the Future Remix)
Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth (Arty Remix)

For over eleven years, Nic Chagall and Stefan ‘Bossi’ Bossems have universally been known as Cosmic Gate. Their sound has evolved throughout the years in order to remain relevant, yet what has remained constant is the duo’s commitment and passion. For over a decade, Cosmic Gate has pushed the limits and solidified their place as legends of EDM. While other veteran acts have come and gone, Cosmic Gate has remained in the forefront of the scene by coming out with new and exciting stuff every year. This time around, after noticing that fans mostly requested tracks from the their first two albums Rhythm & Drums and No More Sleep, they decided that their classic tracks needed a makeover. The result was the release of the highly anticipated Back 2 The Future album.

It’s not very difficult to turn a good song into a good remix, and this album proves that. Some of the most notables tracks of the album include Cosmic’s own remix of their mega-hit Exploration of Space. It’s a well-crafted reimagining, and yet it still retains the prolonged buildup and release we all love. Arty’s remix of Back to Earth is definitely a welcomed refresher, and turns the somewhat outdated original into a modernized progressive tune.

From the looks of Back 2 The Future, Cosmic Gate and their remixing cohorts show no signs of slowing down and I’m sure that we will be seeing a lot more of these guys in the future, but for now let’s enjoy these first-class remixes.

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