Aug 09, 2013
The Future Is Bailatronic
Ranidu - Baila Bass [Indie-Pop]
Fedde le Grand - Rockin N Rollin (Bailatronic Remix)

Known for his work as a pioneer of electronic music in Sri Lanka, Ranidu was the first ever Sri Lankan artist to perform at Ultra Music Festival and Coachella. After producing three platinum-selling albums and touring to over 15 countries, Ranidu has now focused his attention on creating a brand new genre of music that he has coined as “Bailatronic.”

Bailatronic is a mix of baila–the traditional dance music of Sri Lanka–and various styles of electronic music, “a philosophy, a movement, a 21st century Global electronic music phenomenon.” In addition to the Fedde le Grand Rockin N Rollin remix which you can hear on this post and download for free here, Bailatronic will see its EP debut on August 20, 2013 via Indie-Pop Music. Want an early taste? We’ve got the exclusive premiere of lead single Baila Bass for you right here! We assure, it’s not like anything you’ve heard before, combining baila sounds with elements of trap, big room, and bounce music. Are you ready for the Baila Bass?

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