May 13, 2013
The Full Spectrum Of Orjan Nilsen
Orjan Nilsen - Violetta (Original Mix) [Armind]

With the “BPM” argument still a contentious issue, it’s easy to suggest that a fast tempo is what makes an uplifting trance track. But it’s also easy to argue that just as much energy and emotion can be put into a slower track—genre not being limited by a BPM figure. The best way to back up such an argument is a track that proves it and Orjan Nilsen has just provided us with a perfect example.

Violetta is the second single from Orjan’s upcoming second album and features something that really matters when it comes to an uplifting trance anthem–a massive riff. This is a man who sits down at a synthesiser, creates an enormous sound and jogs out anthemic melodies before worrying about trivial things such as tempo. It’s a method that works well and adds an element of mystery, because what starts out as a largely unremarkable record with an intro that gives little clue as to what is to come, the build is everything a trance fan could hope for. If anything, the tempo will work in Orjan’s favour, opening it up to a wider range of DJs–if you were clever about it, you could subtly throw this into a progressive house set without interrupting the flow.

Out now on Beatport, Violetta proves that provided you’ve got a killer riff and a beat to match, genres, speeds, and styles don’t really matter.

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