Oct 19, 2012
The x☮ Trilogy Completes
Flosstradamus feat Tuneboy feat DJ Isaac - ITH (Original Mix)
Flosstradamus - DETAILS (Original Mix)
Flosstradamus - XTERNAL L1F3 (Original Mix)

Arguably the leading force behind trap music today, Flosstradamus have now proudly released all three of their X series EPs for free online. At first I was quite surprised to hear trap tunes inspired by hard dance, but it actually makes logical sense seeing as both trap and hardstyle hover around 150bpm and both have had MCs as a major part of their scenes.

With Jesse Champagne already having covered the first brilliant EP, I’m going to dive into the next two. Last week’s EP featured some pretty sick remixes of staple hard dance names like Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, and DJ Isaac. My favorite of the three on this EP has to be ITH, which stands as an insane half-time rendition of DJ Isaac’s remix of Housenation by Tuneboy.

Today came the third and final EP of their X series trilogy, and it just might be my favorite! Opening track Details is the most melodic of the three and samples the sweet, euphoric breakdown in Acoustic Detail by Ambassador Inc. Suckerz fires off some downright nasty high-pitched synths and employs slamming 4×4 beats more often than the other tracks. Xternal L1F3 is supremely epic with its riffs and really caught me off guard with sheer intensity of its drop. Be sure to download it here for free today!

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