Aug 14, 2010
The First Time
Caspa - Back For The First Time

If you know dubstep, you know Caspa. The 26 year old from West London got his start in dubstep after a promising career in basketball was cut short by a shoulder injury; bad for him (at least at the time), but good for the world of dance music. Regarded as one the UK’s top dubstep producers along with Rusko and Benga, whom he works and performs with regularly, Caspa is simply an undeniable influence on the genre. He’s also been very active this past festival season at hotspots like Global Gathering and Hard Summer, although he had a hard time impressing Meshblorg at the latter.

Caspa’s place in the dubstep sphere is well on the more restrained side. His sound is sweet, slow and harmonious, taking time in a track to build tension and energy. Back for the First Time is a mellow piece by all means, but don’t let that word fool you. It’s an artfully composed tribute to slow beats, filling in the vacuous spaces with inquisitive chords and spaced-out synth riffs. I highly recommend blasting this track really loud.

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