Sep 22, 2012
The Fabric Of Matthias Tanzmann
Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher - In The Toilette (Philip Bader Remix) [Fabric]
Jeff Moore & Jamie Lie A Kwie - Butt (Original Mix) [Fabric]
Alexis Cabrera - Everything (Original Mix) [Fabric]

Matthias Tanzmann, of Moon Harbour and Circoloco fame, steps up to the plate for the 65th Fabric with the difficult task of following up Guy Gerber’s triumph in orchestral techno. Of course, simply being selected for the acclaimed series is quite the honor, one which I’m sure Tanzmann had no gripes about. What he’s crafted is the antithesis of Gerber’s raw, emotive effort; a no-frills DJ mix, silky smooth and playfully relaxed.

You could call this one an extension of Circoloco, a chilled-out tech house rave with tribal rainforest vibes oozing through every second of the mix, epitomized by Tanzmann’s own Konoa and Philip Bader’s bouncing remix of In The Toilette. Exotic animal sounds and hedonistic percussion lurk around every corner, just out of the reach of basslines meant to be heard on a massive sound system. The whole compilation plays like a live set with flawless mixing and danceable grooves; emotion is sacrificed in favor of silly fun. The tongue-in-cheek inclusion of Jeff Moore & Jamie Lie A Kwie’s Butt seems an indication that Tanzmann embraces this fact.

Sure, Tanzmann can get dark as with Clockwork & Avatism’s One Trick Pony, or a bit out there with Shenoda’s The Question, but these seem out of place in the outdoor funk of Fabric 65. Tanzmann is at his most effective when he’s focused on the carefree dancefloor, a point driven home by Alexis Cabrera: “Everything is coming, and you know, it’s the best…” Shut your brain off and let your worries fade away–find the full mix at Beatport.

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