Jun 24, 2013
The Everlasting Days Of Nu:Logic
Nu:Logic feat. Lifford - Everlasting Days (Original Mix) [Hospital]
Nu:Logic feat. DRS - We Live There (VIP) [Hospital]

Fresh off the March release of their latest album, What I’ve Always Waited For, Nu:Logic has put together a delectable package containing Everlasting Days and a new VIP mix of We Live There. This duo actually shares some DNA, as it consists of brothers Dan Gresham (Nu:Tone) and Matt Gresham (Logistics) from Hospital Records. Their collaboration has spawned some amazing productions dating back ten years. It will be tough to resist the urge to kiss someone after checking out the video for Everlasting Days as well.

Everlasting Days features the vocal work of Lifford and is definitely a highlight from the album. Brilliant vocal chops in the start of the track set the melodic tone and are followed by glitchy chops of various samples. Once the drop hits, Lifford takes the stage to deliver soulful vocal lines that fit with perfection. The original of We Live There was also included in the album release and consists of a slower and more downtempo beat. The VIP mix turns up the speed to the drum & bass standard and packs a punch. On the vocals this time is DRS, who floats between bass and percussion with precision. Don’t waste any time, and pick up this package today on Beatport.

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