Aug 10, 2011
The Eternal Weekend
501 - Escaping Monday (Original Mix) [Never Say Die]
501 - Black & Blue (Original Mix) [Never Say Die]

Out of Helsinki comes 501, who, although he is an experienced and esteemed producer, is also a fresh new name to the now overwhelmingly dense scene of dubstep. With literally thousands of young producers popping up it can be painstakingly hard to put together a release that stands alone as something unique, not to mention something of quality, but 501 has done just that, whipping out his finest with his latest EP Escaping Monday. The title track is a sultry, 8-bit infused dubstep tune that graciously captures the “move your body” feel of modern nu-disco before dropping into a monstrously kinetic beat.

Also worth checking out is Black & Blue, another original from the aforementioned release. This one falls a bit on the bassier side of 501’s sound, but his melodic, nearly elegant brand of dubstep is still clearly apparent in this tune.

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