Nov 24, 2010
The Electro-Zombie Squeeks
Zombie Nation - Squeek (Original Mix) [UKW]
Zombie Nation - Squeek (Bart B More Remix) [UKW]
Zombie Nation - Overshoot (DJ Mehdi Remix) [UKW]

Zombie Nation (real name: Florian Senfter) is a name that has been around for many, many years, mainly due to him bringing us one of the most classic EDM tunes of all time, as referenced in this post by Phantom a few days ago. The timing certainly couldn’t be better on the release of his new EP, because it gives us an opportunity to cover him again but with new material. There are two original mixes, Squeek and Overshoot, and each is remixed by a heavyweight, well-known artist: Bart B More and DJ Mehdi, respectively–huzzah! Let’s jump right in.

On this month’s podcast episode, Chris Lake mentioned that Squeek is a bit too crazy for the theme of his show. I definitely would agree with him–it’s all over the place. We’ve got deep basslines, simple high hats, and something that sounds like a creature trying to communicate to us through electro synths. My one small suggestion on this one is to drop or rework 1:30-1:48, which kind of drops some of the momentum of the track. Moving on, Bart B More steps up to the plate and definitely improves upon the original, adding in some SHM One-like claps and a slightly dirtier feel overall. Despite how awesome these tracks are, I’m a bit surprised that the bit between 2:13-2:17 in the original mix wasn’t used for something better. That segment is destined for something far greater than a five second cameo, and I encourage you remixers out there to focus on that and do something special with it.

Overshoot is a house track that it just downright groovy, accompanied by some equally groovy vocals that are sure to ignite the dancefloors. I’m especially a fan of the double-time effect like you hear from 1:56-2:00. DJ Mehdi’s remix adds a bit more of a guitar sound to the synths and reworks the track a bit, but otherwise not too many changes. All in all, great EP from Zombie Nation with two nicely varied tracks.

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