Apr 03, 2011
The EDM Enigma: Metropolis
Pance Party - Fun Factory (Original Mix) [NOIZE]
Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Original Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]
Porter Robinson - I'm On Fire (Original Mix) [Big Fish]

First came The Third Twin, now there’s a new EDM mystery in town. Last weekend, an unknown YouTube user by the name of Metropoganda posted a video titled Trust in the ‘M’ Machine (see below). Therein was the heaviest electro the world has ever heard, along with visuals that would make you sh*t yourself. Looks like the EDM world is in for a trip.

Widely believed to be a collaboration between Skrillex (Sonny Moore) and Porter Robinson, Metropolis has everyone on edge. The video is not a preview of a song, but a preview of the whole EP strung together. You can certainly hear Robinson’s melodic elements along with Moore’s dirty wobbles and grinding leads, both evidenced in the above tracks (if it is, in fact, them). Beautifully disgusting music.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the artist behind Metropolis is in fact electro act Pance Party. If you dig this video as much as we do, prepare to shell out close to $12K for a product of similar standing. Stay tuned to LessThan3 for more updates.

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