Sep 29, 2010
The Duke of Drops
LA Riots - The Drop (Duke Dumont's Move Like A Bullet Train Remix) [Fool's Gold]
Duke Dumont - Lean and Bounce (Original Mix) [Pieces Of Eight]
Lily Allen - The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix)

Ask any producer from aspiring novice to all-star international sensation what it takes to release an even remotely successful track in any genre and they will tell you it requires tremendous amounts of dedication, determination, and above all: time. Becoming a master in any genre, be it electro, trance, dubstep, or techno requires a tedious trial-and-error process of experimentation, false starts, dead-end tracks, and seemingly never-ending failure. When coupled with the daunting reality that there are no guarantees in the world of commercial music, getting back on the MIDI controller can feel perceptively harder every time. With that in mind, one can easily see what a tremendous accomplishment it is to become an established producer in any particular genre. Once they find their niche, the vast majority of producers rarely stray from their commercially successful comfort zone.

One exception to this is Duke Dumont. The son of a record dealer, he burst on to the scene when he won the Diesel U Music award as the top unsigned producer in the UK. His first totally original commercial successes began in 2007 with his debut EP release Regality, containing the underground electro house bombs When I Hear Mu’Sic and Lean & Bounce. Both of these tracks feature heavy-swinging sawtooth basslines paired with a catchy retro hip-hop vocal and instrumental samples. In 2009 he made a highly successful foray into dubstep with the remix of Lily Allen’s track The Fear. It features a captivating melody overlaid with an expertly cut vocal stabs lifted from the original track that perfectly accentuate the rising and falling energy of the track.

In 2010 Dumont continued to prove his versatility by remixing the LA Riots electro house release The Drop into a dark, high energy tech house/minimal techno masterpiece that is the Duke Dumont Move Like A Bullet Train Remix. The manic drop and leering techno-influenced leads make this track a surefire secret weapon in any Minimal DJ’s record bag.

Dumont has continued his rise in the world of dance music and was recently featured with his own mix compilation in the acclaimed Fabric series Fabriclive 51. He clearly is continuing his minimal trend in this release with an array of techno and tech house tracks from artists such as Scuba, Green Velvet, and Idioma. What do you guys think of the ever-morphing Mr. Dumont?

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