Sep 11, 2011
The Dubstep Virus
Klaypex feat Sara Kay - Chinter's Will
Klaypex - Hey Hey
Klaypex - Lights

There’s more than one way to skin a cat these days in the music industry. You could be Skrillex and become the biggest American EDM artist practically overnight by giving an EP away for free. Or you could be new dubstep Florida act Klaypex, whose Dubstep Guns video (see below) gained them almost four million YouTube views in three weeks and 10K Facebook fans in about a week. Oh, and they also went the benevolent route of Skrillex and released an album for free–get it here. So how far will the viral train carry them? To the stars, as long as the music is bangin’. Speaking of…

The pop sensibilities of Klaypex are evident in their debut album; they are clearly aware of what the public wants to hear, and they have created something that a wide variety of musical tastes will appreciate. Perhaps the most popular track on the album is opener Lights–a track that uses the “lull you then shock you” technique by employing a light and airy buildup followed by a destructive drop. Complextro sounds also abound in this track, mainly through the vocal sampling. Chinter’s Will is in a similar vein of Lights as far as its execution, but its overall sound is darker, and the vocals are more akin to sing along to. Hey Hey is the glaring electro track of the album, one that maintains a solid melodic structure while still using glitchier, more detuned effects. This one must be a favorite of their live performances. Be sure to download the entire album; there are ten tracks in all, so there’s a lot more Klaypex to go around for everyone.

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