Jun 27, 2011
The Dub Penalty
ShockOne feat Phetsta - Crucify Me (Part 1) [Viper]
ShockOne feat Phetsta - Crucify Me (Part 2) [Viper]

Australian drum’n’bass DJ/producer ShockOne got his start in music in a band whose members included future Pendulum rockers Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, priming him to be the talented up-and-comer that he is today. Now with a couple of international tours under his belt, he is teaming up with fellow Aussie Phetsta for the highly anticipated release Crucify Me, out today on Viper Recordings.

Recently featured on the Drum’n’Bass Arena podcast, Crucify Me is a two-part opus that is one part drumstep and one part dubstep. My personal favorite is the drum’n’bass version (Part 1), where vocals reminiscent of the now defunct Medic Droid (among other synthpop bands) lead into a drop that sounds like someone took the valve off the wob hose. A sudden burst of bass leads into more syncopated wob patterns, all kept in a driving feel by the energy of the drum’n’bass percussion. Also on the release is the dubstep version (Part 2), which employs the standard “double-time into half-time” feel present in many dubstep remixes of of dnb songs, and a destructive drop sure to make any hard dubstep fan happy.

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