Aug 17, 2012
The Deep Beats Of So Inagawa
So Inagawa - Ayoama (Original Mix) [Minimood]
So Inagawa - Fukushima (Someone Else Remix) [Minimood]

After a hiatus of a few years, producer So Inagawa of Nagoya, Japan returns to the deep house scene in a big way with his recent EP, Tobbogan.

The track that really grabbed my tastes was the B side, Ayoama, a tune that opens with an awkward bassline only to drop into one of the funkiest head-bopping grooves. The unorthodox percussive elements don’t allow the song to fall into a lull at any point, instead it sorts of trots through its own progression–one full of dark, sexy motifs. It’s tunes like this that make me wish mainstream EDM got more creative with beat structure; people underestimate the value of a true groove these days. On remix duty for this release wasn’t So Inagawa himself, but Someone Else. Yes, his name is literally Someone Else, and he remixed Fukushima like a true boss. Like his name, his beats are a little bit abstract, but starting in the realm of So Inagawa’s tracks, his sound palette works so well. This release is one of my most unexpected deep house surprises this year. Out now on Minimood.

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