Nov 11, 2011
The Death of Jonwayne
Jonwayne - King (Original Mix) [Alpha Pup]
Jonwayne - Andrew's Dead (Original Mix) [Alpha Pup]
Jonwayne - Escape (Original Mix) [Alpha Pup]

There aren’t many instrumental beatmakers out there who can say they capture as many sounds in one beat much as Jonwayne does. The young master has an undeniable knack for catching cathy rhythms and melodies. As a Low End Theory resident DJ, Jonwayne is one of the main men in LA experimental music. Recently dropped 6-track EP The Death of Andrew captures fresh, next generation indie and glitch sounds, marking itself as one of the latest breakthroughs in that realm of music.

King has been floating around for a short while, and offers the best of what you could expect from a young, hungry producer. From the first few seconds you know you’re in for a treat. I just love those dark piano chords and sneaky drums. The best track of the EP is undoubtedly Andrew’s Dead. Wonderfully composed, this song is easily one of the most penetrating songs I’ve heard all year; it draws the listener in with its charming 8-bit sound coupled with head-bobbing drum progressions. Bliss. The final I’ll share with you is Escape, a track that does a nice job of summing up The Death of Andrew’s colorful theme. I mean, just take a look at the cover art. <3

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