Sep 25, 2010
The Day Has Come
Arnej - The Strings That Bind Us (Original Mix) [Armada]
Arnej - The Day Will Come (Original Mix) [Armada]

Just when I thought Canadian producer Arnej Secerkadic couldn’t outdo himself, he proved me wrong once again, showing he’s a true master of that soul-soothing prog-trance. There’s no way around it, Arnej aka 8 Wonders continues to take his productions to a higher level with tracks like The Strings That Bind Us and his latest creation, The Day Will Come, as featured in Eco’s podcast The Sound of You(th).

And now it is time for you to press play. The Day Will Come is a shadowy, remarkable prog tune with tight beats, warping bass, and a constant drive that brings you in, along with a tension-building effect that perceptibly heads to a forceful conclusion. It’s an outstanding follow-up to The Strings That Bind Us, providing an even stronger, more eerie ambience of pure delusion that will sweep your emotions and carry you on a journey to a far-off place.

When Arnej isn’t producing music for video games, he continues to challenge himself to pump out more beautiful music, making him an artist you should definitely keep on your radar. Check out his biggest project to date, The Journey Unknown: Collected Works–a video with some track previews is below. Be sure to stayed tuned as we catch up with Arnej for an exclusive interview!

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