Oct 09, 2010
The Darker Side of Eric Prydz
Cirez D - Exit (Original Mix) [Mouseville]
Cirez D - The Tumble (Original Mix) [Mouseville]

Since 2004, Eric Prydz has received a considerable amount of well-deserved mainstream attention off his chart-topping singles such as Call On Me as well as his progressive house releases such as Miami to Atlanta under his alias Pryda. Many Eric Prydz listeners may be surprised to know that since the dawn of his professional career he has also been releasing a steady stream of darker, heavily techno-influenced releases under the name Cirez D.  Cirez D will definitely give people who only know him for his more contemporary work an entirely new perspective on the former Swedish House Mafia member.

His most recent LP, The Tumble / Exit, features two songs that each explore distinct aspects of minimal dance music. The Tumble features a high-energy bassline that keeps the track moving steadily in true long-play techno fashion.  Exit, in comparison, is a much more relaxed experience and definitely gives a taste of his more progressive house feel found in Pryda.  The tracks complement each other well, making the release a major credit to the versatile artistic capabilities of Eric Prydz.

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