Jul 13, 2010
The Dark Dance of Trance
Chris Cortez - Black Waltz (Carlo Calabro Mix) [Fektive]
Chris Cortez - Black Waltz (Original Mix) [Fektive]

Black Waltz from Dutch producer and Trance Nation founder Chris Cortez is one massive track. I especially liked the Carlo Calabro remix, which is included in the Black Waltz EP, released exclusively on Beatport. I was really impressed by Carlo’s ability to beef up the original track with psytrance synths, electro grinds, and hard tech beats (think Simon Patterson). The total package is a sound that is both unique and fresh to trance. It’s also a dancefloor killer!

What amazes me even more is that Calabro was introduced to trance for the first time in 2006, and by the second half of 2007 he was already producing remixes for big names including Marcus Schossow and Glenn Morrison. The Polish producer even received endorsements from artists like Tiesto, and has hosted guest DJs such as Christopher Lawrence, Sied Van Riel, Jonas Steur, and Leon Bolier on his monthly radio show, Pushing The Bar. Give a listen to this epic tech trance remix and the hype around him won’t surprise you either.

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