Sep 05, 2013
Daily Newsbyte 9.5
Tritonal feat. Underdown - Follow Me Home [Enhanced]
Pendulum - Watercolour (Krewella & Evan Duffy Acoustic Cover)

Happy Thursday; your week is almost over. Today, we’ve got a free Pendulum cover from Krewella, a new video from Empire Of The Sun, Armin van Buuren’s modern-day ghetto blaster, and more. Enjoy.

Rotella-Madinson Wedding To Be The Happiest On Earth

After a turbulent beginning to their engagement, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella and former Playmate Holly Madison’s wedding will be taking place at the “happiest place on Earth,” Disneyland.

E! News reports that the wedding site was confirmed by sources, and that the new bride will have even more reason to feel like a princess on her big day. Known for being a huge fan of Disney, Madison has been seen in just about every princess and female character in Disney lore, including Tinkerbell, Sleeping Beauty, and more. But what shall the damsel wear on her big night? Only time will tell. Speaking of time, hopefully she has enough time for a whole wedding before midnight. OK, that’s enough Disney references for one day. Check back for pics and the like from the wedding of EDM’s sweethearts. Congrats, you two!

Tritonal Teases Another One

Tritonal Metamorphic II Follow Me Home

The Texas-based, two-man team of modern-era trance and electro house offered fans another preview today, this time of Follow Me Home featuring Underdown, who collabed with Tritonal on their first Metamorphic installation.

As the first full preview off Metamorphic II, Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed dive deep into big room electro house land for Follow Me Home. After this one, fans will likely follow you guys anywhere, let alone to your homes. Pick up Metamorphic II when it drops Sept. 23 on Beatport via Enhanced Music.

Krewella Show A Softer Side With Watercolour

Krewella Get Wet Wednesdays
Krewella likes to get wet on Wednesdays. Well, they do every night of the week, really, but Wednesdays are when they like to give out free stuff.

As a free gift for fans leading up to the release of Get Wet, the group’s debut artist album, Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man are giving away a free track each Wednesday until the album drops in a series called “Get Wet Wednesday.” This week, they wanted to do something Pendulum-related:

So the trio backed off their synths and bass for a beat and put together this fine acoustic version of one of recently revived Aussie group Pendulum’s greatest jams, Watercolour.

Pick it up for free here (we built this site, by the way!), and check back next Wednesday for another free offering before the album drops Sept. 24.

AvB x Philips Launch The New-Age ‘Ghetto Blaster’

Armin van buuren philips

While at the IFA Berlin, Armin van Buuren announced a unique hardware collaboration with Philips meant for DJs of nearly all skill levels, which offers the ability to mix, play, and share music on one portable device: The M1X-DJ.

Armin apparently gets asked all the time by aspiring DJs which piece of equipment they should pick up first, and realizing how expensive it can be for newcomers, he and Philips set out to create something that’s accessible for everybody. Aspiring artists can link up multiple M1X-DJs or bigger stereo systems for a more club-like sound, and Bluetooth connectivity allows for sharing music from other devices. The M1X-DJ will also play for five hours sans electricity with D cell batteries. Armin calls it the “ghetto blaster reinvented for today.”

No word on a price tag yet, but the Philips M1X-DJ Sound System will be available in November.

Empire Of The Sun Take To The Night

In the latest video from Empire Of The Sun, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore draw the curtains while they’re riding a public transit bus in their shimmering stage costumes set to the track DNA.

The video sees the two having a normal night out for a couple of young guys, riding bikes and hanging out in 24-hour loan stores at night in their ornate headdresses and stage garb before throwing a party in a liquor store–just your typical Saturday night.

Watch the video below, and pick up their latest album, Ice On The Dune, here.