Apr 11, 2011
The Cutting Edge
R/D - Spirit Coins
R/D - Neck Bites
R/D - Relation Ships

It always amazes me how many incredible producers go unnoticed by the EDM spotlight. Producer R/D for instance, a close friend of glitch hop collective The Glitch Mob, has been on the scene since the days of Squarepusher and Prefuse 73, but has only recently put out a formal release.

Liquid Heart Keeper is a stunning showcase of the development that R/D has made during his time in the scene. For those familiar with R/D, the album contains long time show favorites such as Spirit Coins, but the real treasure here is the new stuff, which displays R/D’s production in a polished and distinguished light. Tracks like Neck Bites and Relation Ships are enough to convince me that R/D has been keeping true to his name.

Being part of the West Coast scene for so long and being so deeply immersed in it, it might be said that R/D is a good indicator of where glitch hop is heading as a genre. Be sure to keep your eye out for R/D on the road–it’s just been announced that he’ll be touring with The Glitch Mob. Oh, and the best part–you can get Liquid Heart Keeper for free, here!

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