Oct 05, 2013
The Crystal Method Previews New Album

Electronic music legends The Crystal Method have been stirring from their slumber as of late, and it seems they’ve got something to share.

Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan, or TCM, announced yesterday that their self-titled artist album, The Crystal Method, is now available for pre-ordering on their own label, tiny e. The duo also shared with us a sample of the sweet stuff in the form of a snippet of Emulator, a groovy electro house jam, and a sick flashback vid of the guys owning shit from era to era since… f*ck, like… 1990… when many of today’s kandi kids were still eating real candy.

Yes, even while recovering from brain surgery, Kirkland still has the fervor and the fingers to fire off an entire album for fans to feast on.

The new record will be the duo’s first LP since 2009’s Divided By Night, a more exploratory album than the boxes of hammers they’ve been manufacturing since the ’90s. Let’s pray for exploratory hammers, shall we? For $10, Scott and Ken will “leak” the album to you immediately and even thank you on Twitter. Pretty classy move, guys.

Here’s a link to a classic, just ’cause we’re so damn excited we kept hope alive long enough to see the guys back in action. Now… let’s see how they get along with all these new kids on the playground, huh? Play nice, you two!

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