Nov 28, 2013
Crystal Method’s Clothes-Off Cookoff

Just in time for Thanksgiving, The Crystal Method premiered their culinarily competitive official video for Over It featuring Dia Frampton. Frampton plays a central role in the vid, which captures her efforts to combat the power of sex appeal with good, ol’ fashioned cooking skills, and at first, it does not go over well with the judges.

Ken Jordan, one-half of the legendary duo, kicks off the cookoff by showing the coveted blue ribbon to each of our scantily clad chefs, and the contest is on. Frampton demonstrates the most cooking ability while exposing the least skin, which doesn’t impress our male judges, who presumably needed something to do during the child pageant offseason.

The beautiful Frampton gets her recognition in the end, and as her prize for winning, she gets the ultimate opportunity to show the boys she’s “over it.” Enjoy the video, including Scott Kirkland’s short apearance as the janitor he was always meant to be, and pre-order The Crystal Method’s self-titled forthcoming album here.

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