Jul 17, 2013
Cityfox & Listed Bring The Monkey Business To Brooklyn
Adriatique - Deeper Love [Diynamic]
Lee Jones - Beginn [Aus Music]
DJ Three - Timebomb [System]

If there’s one thing you’ll learn about New York City and its nightlife, it’s that every night (and/or morning) worth remembering should be an experience. With an overwhelming abundance of parties happening every day and night of the week, it takes a truly original production to leave the crowd saying, “Wow, that was unreal.” The Cityfox Experience, together with Listed Productions, managed to do just that last Saturday, July 13, and in a way that no one else quite has.

Doors to the Panther Room opened at 2 p.m. sharp to kick off 16 straight hours of some of the finest deep house, tech house, house house, and everything in-between that New York’s dance music intellectuals crave. The wacky summer weather held up for a perfect afternoon in the sun (and brief light drizzle) amid Output’s rooftop venue, where plush monkeys swarmed the walls, the bar, and the DJ setup for what was surely a full day of Monkey Business. Looking over the upper deck was a festive gorilla who relaxed al fresco, while his oversized relative, whose eyes shot neon lasers and mouth breathed smoke, was waiting for us inside on Output’s main dancefloor.

The sounds of Diynamic’s exceptional duo Adriatique graced our ears midday for a full-on altruistic set of pitch-perfect melody. Accompanying Naird and Alah on the roof were Steve Graham, the fortifying Atish, and Three‘s extraterrestrial sounds to close it out at 10 p.m., when the party then moved inside to a veritable monkey haven.

Monkey Business Output 7/13/13

Besides our furry friends, the sights and sounds of Gregory Thyme, Dejan, Dory, Mike Khoury, Naveen G, Lee Jones, Michael Christopher, Jay Tripwire, Daniel Bell, and the over-the-top incredible Atish, who returned indoors for a special and surprising back-to-back, peak-hour set with the boys of Adriatique for a 360 degree indoor music experience. The finest in house from deep to tech to experimental flooded that impeccable sound system for 16 straight hours of dance music turbulence!

Cityfox and Listed truly outdid themselves in hand-crafting a flawless day-to-night music experience. With so many constant outing options, it’s often difficult to pick and choose which events are really worth your time. It’s those created to leave lasting memories and impressions, those to which the curators pay intrinsic attention to detail, that will leave you yearning for more. We truly cannot wait until the next Cityfox Experience.

Cityfox NY 7/13/13 flyer

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