Nov 18, 2014
The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons Quits Touring To Focus On Academics

Ed Simons (pictured, left) of The Chemical Brothers has committed himself to academic pursuits and will no longer be touring.

In an interview with The Bugged Out Weekender, Simons explains his decision.

“The academic work I’m continuing with is too meaningful for me to break from right now,” he said said.

Simons will stay committed to the duo and continue working on the forthcoming album, which he claims is “far-out electronic music.” Bandmate Tom Rowlands will tour with the group’s long-term visual collaborator Adam Smith, and the two allegedly are working on a brand new look for live shows.

“I’m really excited to see how the new show looks and on the plus side, one day I will get to see a Chemical Brothers show from the audience’s perspective,” Simons said in the interview. Read in its entirety here.

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