Aug 29, 2014
The Chainsmokers Teach Us How To Live Like ‘Kanye’ In New Video

The new video for Kanye, The Chainsmokers’ follow-up single to #Selfie, is a charming, Cinderella-inspired tale of rags to riches… and then back to rags.

Kanye opens the same way #Selfie does, but tells a slightly different story. A maid cleaning the bathroom where the #Selfie girls are chatting decides to take a break from scrubbing floors and give the high life a try. She dons herself in the girls’ extravagant wardrobe and hits the town for a night of glitz and glamour. After spending a night living like Kanye, the tiara-wearing maid-turned-model realizes that maybe the lifestyle of the rich and famous isn’t everything it’s hyped up to be. See what happens in the full video below.

Kanye is available to download over on iTunes here.

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