Aug 04, 2014
The Chainsmokers Can’t Stop ‘Drinking About You’
Bebe Rexha - Drinking About You (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Pour a shot, light one up, and prepare for The Chainsmokers’ remix of Bebe Rexha’s Drinking About You.

This lyrically lachrymose track gets a euphoric makeover from the selfie-taking New York duo. Rexha takes tales of heartache and rejection and sings them in a rapturous way that flawlessly interacts with The Chainsmokers’ sun-kissed synths and inspired production. The Chainsmokers first worked with Rexha when they remixed Take Me Home by Cash Cash, a track that Rexha provided vocals for.

In addition to teaming up with Cash Cash, Rexha has already experienced a wildly successful career herself working with artists like Pete Wentz and cowriting Eminem and Rihanna’s smash hit The Monster.

This remix comes just before the release of the New York duo’s Yeezy-inspired new track Kanye, premiered today over on BuzzFeed. That track serves as The Chainsmokers’ second single, and follows their hugely successful debut #Selfie. It’s out Aug. 5.

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