Jul 31, 2013
The Cat’s Meow Machine
Meowski666 - Meow Machine (Original Mix)

Wasting no time getting their engine purring, the satanic feline-themed Meowski666, a joint ritual from Kill The Noise and Dillon Francis, dropped their debut today, titled Meow Machine.

It’s only their third day as an official item, and the duo already coughed up a fat booty bass hairball featuring a completely (un)necessary amount of feral cat and dog samples and one timeless Baha Men vocal clip (we won’t ruin the surprise). Aside sounding like the inside of a senile cat lady’s house, the tune is a well-groomed animal meant for the club, with thick percussion in the drops and a breaks-inspired main section, showcasing the sum talent of EDM’s newest supergroup.

Download the inaugural Meowski666 production here for free, and one day, when you’re watching them on the main stage completely surrounded by cats in devil horns, you’ll say, “Yep, I was there when it all began…”