Mar 10, 2014
The Best of Skrillex’ Reddit AMA

Skrillex’ recent Reddit AMA (aka Ask Me Anything) was an enlightening experience. For those who don’t know, Reddit is an online community where members can vote on posts made by the general populus of the Internet. The site also regularly hosts AMAs with notable individuals (artists, presidents, celebrities, etc.). In true Skrillex fashion, the man was fully forthcoming with everything, whether it be music, singing, or even life advice. Here’s a run down of the best of the best from his talk with the Internetz:

1. Skrillex is a big fan of A$AP Rocky and thinks “he’s super talented and has a lot of input.”

skrillex ASAP

2. He’s been in talks with Bjork for a few years about a possible collaboration. Maybe 2014 is the one?

skrillex bjork

3. Skrillex will let anyone with clippers cut his hair, including himself.

skrillex haircut

4. Jack U, aka Skrillex and Diplo’s tag team pseudonym, is sitting on four or five completed tracks that will be available later this year.

skrillex and jack u

5. Skrilly’s fav food? Japanese, of course! Who doesn’t love a California Roll?

skrillex love japanese food

6. He’s OK with making fun of himself, even when he’s hurt.

Skrillex's sense of humor

This is the hilarious painful clip in reference:

7. If music doesn’t work out, Sonny has a bright future as a motivational speaker/high school guidance counselor.

Skrillex life advice

8. Working with Chance the Rapper was a collaboration that he will always remember.

skrillex loves chance the rapper

9. Skrillex’ ethos on dance music is something we think everyone should take to heart: stop taking it so seriously!

skrillex on dance music

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