Jul 21, 2013
The Best EDM Vanity Plates

As Diplo could vouch, your car is a great place to #expressyourself. Pump up the jams and instantly transform your ride into a disco on wheels! Some mobile EDM lovers even have literal licenses to rave (well… license plates, that is!). We’ve collected the 14 coolest EDM-inspired vanity plates below. Enjoy!

Show allegiance to your favorite genre in 7-letters or less!

i love house vanity plate

This plate probably gets lots of attention in Detroit, the birthplace of techno.

 techno vanity plate

As a 7-letter word, “Dubstep” lends itself nicely to the license plate medium.

dubstep vanity plates

DJs can use their plates to promote their job subtly…(via r8pl8tz)
Mixx it vanity plate

… or not so subtly. “Which DJ? Oh, that DJ…” (via vanitylicenseplates)

that DJ vanity plate

“Mista DJ” and “DJGurl” are both plates from Virginia. Maybe they’re related? (via r8pl8tz)

mista and girl DJ vanity plates

For some, it’s all about how you enjoy your music! Either by raving…

rave on rave girl vanity plate


european dance vanity plate

or sometimes, well, *cough*…

trippin vanity plate

But whatever genre you enjoy and however you enjoy it, music is all about fun! (via WSJ)

we have fun vanity plate

live for fun vanity plate

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