Aug 07, 2014
The Beatport Box 19
WHYT NOYZ - Less Is Mo (Original Mix) [Minus]
Pryda - Axis (Original Mix) [Pryda]
Kraymer - Pretty Flacko (Original Mix) [Vicious B*tch]
Robbie Rivera - La Gente (Original Mix) [Juicy]
Middle Milk - Hello! (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]

We’re back with our series with Beatport known as The Beatport Box, where we bring you the best of Beatport exclusives on a weekly basis. In this edition, Robbie Rivera goes HAM on some hot new house, plus we’ve got the brilliant (and lengthily titled) Pryda EP, the latest release on Richie Hawtin’s Minus imprint, and more.

Techno | WHYT NOYZ – It Grows EP [Minus]

Richie Hawtin’s Minus imprint is back with a bang, featuring a slew of huge new EPs from fresh talents. The latest, a five-track EP from unstoppable techno duo WHYT NOYZ, is another pristine slab of primetime techno mischief made to keep the temperatures high and the bodies gyrating. Dark as night, this EP is full of evil tones, high-energy arrangements, and enough weird sounds to keep the ears curious from start to end. This is stompy techno made for big moments. Purchase here.

Progressive House | Pryda – Mija / Origins / Backdraft / Axis [Pryda]

Four flawless Pryda tracks in one release and we can’t stop listening to them at the office. The classiest sounds of progressive house and brilliantly placed melodies sit perfectly inside of expertly produced Eric Prydz soundscapes–this is simply an essential release that you need to get. Each track avoids any of the cliché ideas currently populating a lot of dance music, and each is just as strong as the next. Pick it up here.

Booty Bass | Kraymer – The Pretty Flacko EP [Vicious B*tch]

Kraymer isn’t a name many are familiar with, but if there’s any justice in the world, his new Pretty Flacko EP is going to change that. The five-track outing is chock-full of hot Baltimore club, Jersey club, trap, and booty bass-influenced gems, and features guest appearances from Wall, Big Boss, and Nemo. These tracks are likely coming to a Diplo set near you, so grab them and beat the man to the punch.

House | Robbie Rivera – La Gente (Original Mix) [Juicy]

Robbie Rivera is on fire! Between this Latin-infused track and his other new Beatport exclusive, Drums In The House with Paige, it seems like the man has hit the umpteenth peak in his long career. To boot, both releases are on his own label, Juicy Music, making this Miami DJ/producer a true one-man house music band. Grab La Gente here, and Drums In The House here.

Electro House | Middle Milk – Hello! (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]

With a name as unusual as Middle Milk, you gotta expect the music to be slightly left of center. Hello!, the latest single from the weirdo-electro house artist, is another twisted journey into unexpected buzz synths, dubstep, and whatever other genres Middle Milk feels like mixing into the package. Full of twists, turns and tempo changes, this single is one that will catch the audience off guard and certainly leave a mark during your DJ set. We’re loving the creativity in this release and highly recommend checking it out. Say Hello! here.

Mike Chapman of Beatport contributed to this article.