May 01, 2014
The Beatport Box 05
Josh Wink - Are You There (Harry Romero Remix) [Ovum]
Ansolo & Special Features - Unite (Original Mix) [Staar Traxx]
D-Wayne - X-Ray Vision (Original Mix) [Wall]
Charlie Darker - Watch Me Demonstrate (Original Mix) [Megaton]
Tomas Heredia - Behind Time (Original Mix) [Always Alive]

We’re back with the fifth edition of our Beatport series known as The Beatport Box, dedicated to uncovering the best in Beatport exclusives. This week we’ve got a massive Josh Wink remix package celebrating 20 years of Ovum Recordings, a dynamic new tune from Tomas Heredia, Charlie Darker’s latest headbanger, and more.

Deep/Tech/Techno | Josh Wink – Are You There Remixes [Ovum]

In celebration of 20 years in the biz, Ovum Recordings has released one helluva a remix package for the seminal underground hit Are You There, one of Josh Wink’s pioneering acid house hits from the glory days of map points and illegal warehouse raves. Ben Klock, Rod, and Harry Romero all offer their personal interpretations, each keeping true to the original spirit and all providing that surreal, hypnotic vocal loop to dominant. The original versions are included as well for good measure. Absolutely essential. Grab the package here.

Big Room/Electro | Ansolo & Special Features – Unite (Original Mix) [Staar Traxx]

Oftentimes a name will perfectly match the profession of an individual, cementing their future and fate forever. Tom Staar may be following this prophecy, especially since the latest single on his label, Unite by Ansolo and Special Features, sounds as huge as this. A staple in the sets of Avicii, Unite is a superbly produced slab of gigantic room music that embodies everything great about the current sounds of stadium-sized EDM. Catchy riffs, infectious melodies, and enough hard-hitting kick drums to rattle the rib-cage make this track one that is surely going to be an anthem this summer, and a highly trainspotted tune at that. Get it here.

Big Room/Electro | D-Wayne – X-Ray Vision (Original Mix) [Wall]

Just looking at the waveform when previewing the track on Beatport, it’s quite clear that D-Wayne was going for something quite epic with his latest track X-Ray Vision, which boasts a larger-than-life break that commands the attention of the entire venue. D-Wayne (most likely known as Dwayne to his family) has struck gold with his latest track, perfectly merging the big room aesthetic with his unique cut-and-paste edits that put his sound in its own universe. A mainstay artist on Afrojack’s Wall Recordings, this new cut by Wayne is simply another essential tune you need to get. Check it.

Electro House | Charlie Darker – Watch Me Demonstrate (Original Mix) [Megaton]

Charlie Darker has been flying under the radar for far too long now, especially given his unique electro sound in an overly saturated field. Watch Me Demonstrate is yet another gem of a release from the 20-year-old Canadian, with a ferocious drop instantly distinguishable from any track that may surround it in a set, especially when it gets breaks-y the second time around. Here’s hoping that 2014 is the year of Darker. Headbang with us here.

Trance | Tomas Heredia – Behind Time (Original Mix) [Always Alive]

Argentinian trancer Tomas Heredia provides the perfect combination of uplifting and headbanging in his new release on Daniel Kandi’s Always Alive, Behind Time. The sheer number of distinguishable sections in this song is what keeps things interesting. From the initial bassline at around one minute in, to the uplifting synth stabs near the three minute mark and the rapid-fire arpeggiations at 4:30, ending with Dutch house-esque high synths at around 5:30, this track keeps the listener on their toes every second of the way. Pick it up here.

Mike Chapman of Beatport contributed to this article.