Feb 06, 2012
The Beat Goes On'n'On
Justice - On'n'On (Brodinski Remix) [Ed Banger]
Justice - Canon (Tiga Remix) [Ed Banger]
Justice - On'n'On (Ruined by Rick Rubin) [Ed Banger]

The long-awaited remix EP has finally dropped. While still enjoying the success of their most recent album, Justice has turned over the spotlight to a few choice artists to remix two singles from said LP. The artists? Well, they’ve hand picked the cream of the crop–all of these producers are music aficionados, and all have put their own stylistic spin on their respective remixes. Who are they? Well, none other than techno giants Brodinski and Tiga, electro house phenomenon Erol Alkan, and legendary record producer Rick Rubin. The latter is such a pleasant surprise, considering the impact Rick Rubin has made on countless, prolific records over the years.

Brodinski puts a proper tech rework on On’n’On. From the first techy buildup to the fantastic rework of the original’s samples, Brodinski’s vision is everything you could possibly want in a proper club remix. One of my favorite artists of the moment, Tiga, has chosen to amp up the energy with his remix of Canon. He stated in his podcast that he had an especially difficult time with this remix given the complexity of Justice’s samples. However, his work has paid off, as the remix is a jacking six minutes of high energy and well done, sublevel buildups.

Finally, we get to good ole Rick Rubin. He re-imagines the original into a sexy, funkalicious jam. It reminds me of a Marvin Gaye song, possibly because it makes you want to do the naughty after listening to it. It’s not all about the hardest, most bangin’ drops; no, sometimes it’s all about slow, sexy progression–masterfully demonstrated here by Rick. If there is one EP you’re going to buy this month, make it this one. With so many quality producers and remixes, you won’t be sorry.

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