Jul 11, 2012
The Bass Quartet
Pixel Fist - Skatta (Original Mix) [Cheap Thrills]
Pixel Fist - Skanka (Original Mix) [Cheap Thrills]
Pixel Fist - Cold (Original Mix) [Cheap Thrills]

Drum’n’bass fans have probably heard of the names Audio, Mackie, Lorne, and Stapleton MC. Under these guises (and other aliases), these four men were rocking the d’n’b massive long before the meteoric rise of dubstep. However, back in 2009, the four artists decided to unite under the moniker Defstar to deliver their own brand of hyper-aggressive dubstep. After a brief run as Defstar, the crew reintroduced themselves as Pixel Fist and promptly released several huge tunes across labels like Boka, Rottun, and Breakbeat Kaos. Now, the quartet is back again with their newest release on the Cheap Thrills imprint called Skatta.

The Skatta EP offers a hefty dose of pulverizing basslines and cavorting rhythms. The title track kicks off the EP in glorious fashion with a buffet of resonant synth transients and pitch-modulated bass melodies. The track is blessed with a ragga-inspired Stapleton vocal sample, awash with a heavy helping of delay and reverb. The track Skanka picks up where Skatta left off, albeit with an extra layer of high-frequency filth, imparting the same up-front vibe currently found in the most popular dubstep bangers. The next tune, Cold, is a full-on UK Bass salvo, with Stapleton’s double-time flow congealed on top of a barrage of sub-bass frequencies. This track is strictly for the club PA–headphones need not apply.

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