Sep 28, 2012
The Bass Goes ClekClekBoom
Chaos In The CBD - Rolling 84s (Original Mix) [ClekClekBoom]
Chaos In The CBD - Slab (Original Mix) [ClekClekBoom]
Chaos In The CBD - Trunk Music (Original Mix) [ClekClekBoom]

If you live in a musical hotspot then chances are you’ve got a burgeoning bass scene. In America, there’s electro-tinged dubstep, moombahton, and trap. In the UK, the scene is influenced by garage, skeletal dubstep, and dirtybird-esque tech house. Now France is getting in on the action with its own spin on the overarching genre. At the forefront of bass music in Paris is ClekClekBoom, the label that’s home to acclaimed producers French Fries, Bambounou, and Chaos In The CBD.

The latest release from ClekClekBoom comes from the aforementioned Chaos, a New Zealand duo that is just killing it with crossover bass madness. Their new EP starts with Rolling 84s, a funky techno romp that combines the grit of Blawan with a polished hip hop finish. Slab retains some hip hop vocals but goes for a much more overt house bounce, and the aptly-titled Trunk Music rounds out the low-end diversity in bubbly trap fashion. Much like the scene in Paris, Chaos In The CBD and ClekClekBoom are taking influences from other regions and adding their own unique twists. The video below of their latest party at Social Club Paris shows that ClekClekBoom is going to be a massive player in the bass world very, very soon. Grab the digital release at Beatport.

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