Oct 08, 2010
The Bad Girl of Trance
Fei-Fei - Daksa (Reaky Remix) [Feided]

So I was listening to some new music recently while surfing the web when Fei-Fei and Reaky slapped me across the face with this massive track called Daksa. Who is she? Fei Fei Ling, or “the bad girl of trance” as Tiesto mildly put it, is a Los Angeles based DJ/Producer who has begun to really shake things up in the EDM world. She began her musical career early on as a classical pianist, studying for over fifteen years before graduating to the turntable as her instrument of choice. She has transformed and developed her own distinct sound with an energetic blend of techno, trance and electro.

Anyways, back to the tune. Daksa means “the skilled one” in Hinduism and was released under her recently launched label Feided. It quickly grabs you with its driving bassline and wicked rock-influenced riff. Add a dash of Slovenian techno from Luka Reaky and you get a bomb of epic proportions.

If this track intrigues you, stay tuned for an exclusive LessThan3 interview with Fei-Fei, coming soon to a screen near you.

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