Jan 13, 2011
The Artistry Of Morgan Page
Morgan Page feat Jan Burton - I've Had Friends (Jean Elan Extended Mix) [Nettwerk]

The artistry of Morgan Page never ceases to amaze me. Known for his emotive songs and numerous remixes of pop tracks, Morgan continues to generate enough buzz with his music that he even gets mentioned outside of the EDM realm every so often. Today, I have another gem for you from the hands of Page–the Jean Elan remix of I’ve Had Friends. It is only fair to also pay homage to both Elan, who has surprised me with his quality time and time again, and Jan Burton, know for his unique rocker voice and his work with Super8 & Tab.

Now onto the track. There are so many good things going on in this remix of I’ve Had Friends that it’s almost overwhelming. Cinematic chord progressions and drum hits, vocals your rock-music friends will love, progressive ambiance, and even Dutch house elements have combined in a way that draws an incredible amount of emotion out of the listener. Tracks like this are what the listening experience is really about–total emotional involvement. Morgan is a genius at facilitating these feelings. Take note.

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