Jan 13, 2014
Sonic Future’s ‘Angled Sketches’ Of House
Sonic Future - Waiting For (Original Mix) [Suara]
Sonic Future - Do It (Original Mix) [Suara]
Sonic Future - Remember (Original Mix)

Brazilian duo Sonic Future returns to Suara with not just one, but three brand new tracks on offer. The Angled Sketches EP serves up three different flavours of house music, an interesting idea that provides a wide array of styles, catering to pretty much everyone who’s even vaguely into house music.

Kicking things off is Waiting For, a groovy piece of tech house with some club-oriented sound design, most notably in the form of a bouncy and very catchy lead riff. Combined with some vocal samples and a nice chilled break, this is what tech house is all about. Next up is Do It, which takes things a bit deeper and darker. Running at the same tempo, it features clever arrangement that gives the track a very different feel thanks to an almost cinematic break, a simple acoustic guitar riff, and some seriously deep bass. The third and final track is Remember, arguably the standout track of the EP, with a funky and melodic feel that delicately and subtly plucks from various genres to great effect. There’s a pounding and astoundingly catchy bassline, some big piano chords, and a vocal with a slight pop feel to it.

Angled Sketches is a masterpiece in how certain styles of house music are very similar, yet very different, and as a result, it should appeal to a massive audience. Get it now via Beatport.

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